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Content Marketing

We generate you highly engaged, deeply qualified, sales ready, high quality, prioritized leads. 

Managed Webinar Campaigns.


We create fully managed webinar programmes that position you as a thought leader and drive deep engagement with the right receptive decision makers.

Our webinar programs include full scale management, marketing, registration and post-event wrap up reports. 

Not only do we help create a compelling webinar presentation we design a campaign utilising our network of influencers, social communities and publishing platforms. We then overlay these elements with a dedicated email program, and series of dedicated blog posts, including a newsletter feature.

Content Marketing / Lead Generation Campaigns.


We take the great content you have already created and push it out via a comprehensive marketing campaign, dedicated email, to a precise audience filter of the right people in the right companies from our subscriber base, who are looking for your solutions. We create and manage the whole production including the CTAs, best-in-class landing page design to your premium content piece to drive leads.

Content examples include: 

• White Papers

• Self Run Webinars

• Podcasts

• eBooks

• Research Reports

• Videos.


Click here to view our research report landing page, which achieved a 58.1% conversion and over 15951 downloads which is exceptional.

Click here to view a Microsoft Slide Deck landing page, which achieved a 86.4% conversion.

Click here to view a Nextra Case Study landing page, which achieved a 71.1% conversion. 

Click here to view a Kepner Tregoe Whitepaper landing page, which achieved a 67.67% conversion. 


Click here to view a Signavio Whitepaper landing page, which achieved a 54.55% conversion. 

The results speak for themselves. We use best-in-class technology (Hubspot Enterprise Growth Platform), to power our content delivery strategy including landing pages, blogs, social publishing, newsletters, and dedicated emails, as well as providing you with numerous selection criteria, and 100s of contact property data points.


On top of this our Content Led Email Campaign conversion rate average at. 

• 18.9% Total Opens

• 22.1% Click-to-Open Rate

Editorial. Social Publishing. Newsletter Feature.


Highlight your expertise and thought leadership, by publishing your latest thinking in a 500 to 2100 word article on our leading content platform, supported by a premium content piece to drive leads. This includes CTA placements to a landing page to drive leads, social publishing to all our social channels, and a premium spot in our Newsletter sent to over 228,000 subscribers. 


Click here to view an example of a blog. This blog just via social publishing and organic search has received over 5614 views and 7 minutes of average page view time


We create and manage the whole production. After the campaign the article will continue to drive organic search traffic for years to come, and we will re-post, including social publishing during the course of the year, and will reappear in our newsletter to 228,000 subscribers. 


Authority Page (Pillar Page). Publish 12 articles linked to your premier content piece, and we will create a dedicated authority page, with summaries of each article, linked to the respective articles, and a SEO Topic Cluster, to fuel the acceleration of Organic Search (Highly recommended by Google). 80% of decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of relevant articles. 


Click here to view an example of a Research Report Authority Page

Click here to view an example of a Awards Case-Studies Authority Page.


Publish your latest thinking within our quarterly updated industry leading research report, the most comprehensive study of critical challenges and future trends within Operational Excellence. Includes a Full Page Advertisement. 

Lead Nurturing.

With all content-led lead generation campaigns, you have the option to take it to the next level, where we can nurture your leads down the funnel with a sophisticated workflow strategy in Hubspot. This involves presenting more refined MOF & BOF content pieces leading to a software demo or free consultation booking CTA.


Advertise on BTOES Insights Home Page with global placement that will appear across all Blog pages on the entire platform.

Monthly Newsletter - Entire Newsletter Sponsorship - Sent to more than 228,000 people, newsletters are an effective, direct-channel to reach senior Business Transformation & Operational Excellence decision makers.

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